Bling & Leo's Mile High Motorcycle Run
Posted 5/24/14 by Bling Johnson
After months of planning and anticipation, "Bling & Leo's Mile High Motorcycle Run" was finally on. After last years ride which was dubbed "Bling & Hemati's Wild West Motorcycle Run" I decided to make this an annual event. Mainly because I love to ride. And ride far. With Eric taking a great job opportunity in Alabama, he wasn't able to make it this year so my first second choice was my good buddy Leo. Now he was a little upset that I called him my first second choice, but when it comes to second choices, at least you were my first Leo.

We rolled out of Austin Friday afternoon with rain in the forecast. Sure enough we got caught in a brief rainstorm while still in Austin. Instead of stopping to put on our rain gear, we continued to roll west trying to outrun the storm. Which we did. After getting soaked.

We hit 290 West and took it through Luckenbach (look for our Luckenbach gear in the videos) and Fredericksburg headed for I-10. We made a pit stop at a Valero west of Fredericksburg and saw a white van pull in with a trailer. Now when I see bearded dudes in a white passenger van with a trailer it can only mean one thing: They really like trailers and passenger vans. Or they might be in a band. And yes, that's two things. But math has never been my strong point.

Video: Bling & Leo's Mile High Motorcycle Run- Day 1

Turns out it was Whitey Morgan and the 78's. They were headed to Austin to play the Rattle Inn. They were some cool dudes and we talked with them in the parking lot long enough to tell them they were gonna be famous by being a part of this blog, till I saw their Facebook page this morning and saw they had 29,000 fans already. So once again, this chance encounter will probably help me more than them, but they were as cool as it gets so be sure to check them out (


We hit I-10 and with a speed limit of 80, we did 90mph for the next 180 miles. Again, the math thing. Not workin too good but it sure was fun riding side by side with a good friend with nothing but the sun and wind in our face. The "Bling & Leo Mile High Motorcycle Run" was officially on!


We rode late into the night booking it to Carlsbad, New Mexico after a close call with Leo running out of gas. When his fuel warning light came on we were in the middle of no where. We rode for another 50 miles after the light came on and could not believe he didn't run out. Nice work on that one Harley. Speaking of Harley, we want to give a special shout out to Central Texas Harley-Davidson who is the official sponsor of the trip. If you haven't seen the 2014 line-up of new Harley's, I highly recommend stopping over and checking them out.

The road goes on and today we're headed from Carlsbad, NM into the Lincoln National Park, which is some good mountain riding. Not sure where we'll end up, but chances are if no math is involved, we should be fine. Get ready Colorado. We're all about to get famous up in here!

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