DAY 2 - Bling & Leo's Mile High Motorcycle Run - Carlsbad, NM to Ruidoso, NM
Posted 5/25/14 by Bling Johnson

After getting in to Carlsbad, New Mexico at 3am, we were in no hurry to wake up the next morning. However, we were both up at 7:45. After putting the blog and video together from Day 1 is was time to ride.

We rolled in through the tail end of a rain storm so the bikes were filthy. And neither Leo nor I roll like that so it was off to the quarter car wash.

Since I didn't have any small bills, Leo broke a $5 and used his quarters to get our bikes clean. In an odd twist of events later at dinner he let me know it was on me since the bike wash was on him. Seemed fair to me. So I handed him the children's menu.

We left Carlsbad and headed north on Hwy 285 for a bit then west on Hwy 82. This is a cool stretch of road to ride. You are in the plains of New Mexico and can see for miles and miles in any direction. Then you see a mountain range up in the distance. The Lincoln National Park is a beautiful ride. We went from 85 degrees and hot to a significant altitude increase as we approached Cloudcroft with a temp of 56 degrees.

We stopped off in this cool western themed town and grabbed that dinner I told you about. The one that apparently paid to get my bike clean. Again, the math thing. I'm sensing a theme here.

After some great food and moderately interesting conversation, we broke out the gloves and chaps for the first time this ride and headed out to Ruidoso, about 40 miles away. We found a hotel, unloaded the bikes and got right back on them to head to the Casino. I was really hoping to make up some gas money, but that was not in the cards. Literally. After a late night food stop it was time for bed. And there were two. Beds that is. Still not sure why Leo only wanted one pillow and kept referring to a "big spoon" at check-in.

Day 3 will take us from Ruidoso through Albequerque then up towards Durango, Colorado, where the ride really begins. Stay tuned and follow me on Instagram for more pics during the trip.

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