DAY 4 - "You Don't Wreck, You Die" - Bling & Leo's Mile High Motorcycle Run
Posted 5/28/14 by Bling Johnson

After spending a couple great days of riding in New Mexico it was finally the day to get to Colorado. Our original plan was to ride from Albuquerque over to Santa Fe, Taos and up to Durango a back was but as the weekend progressed we wanted to book it from ABQ straight up Hwy 550 to Durango.

Finally made it to Colorado!

We pulled in to Durango on a beautiful sunny morning and we knew it was going to be an awesome day of riding. After a quick stop at the local Walmart we headed up what is known as the "Million Dollar Highway". The origin of the name changes depending on who you ask, but we found out the real answer. When it was constructed in the 1930's they used dirt and gravel from the area that was discarded from gold and silver mines and paved over it. They later realized that the gravel they used was rich in ore and was worth over a million dollars. I was going to tell Leo this part of the story but I didn't want him heading to Home Depot to buy a shovel and stay behind to dig up the road all afternoon. The road to me was the perfect name since every direction you look has a million dollar view.

Video: Bling & Leo's Mile High Motorcycle Run- Day 4


Leo rollin into Colorado. New Mexico.

We were headed to Silverton, Colorado. We began the elevation climb and the temps got colder and before we knew it we were riding through snow and either side of the road. The best part was with all the snow around us it was still in the 60's and the ride was spectacular. We stopped off to take a few pictures of ourselves (I know that's a real shock to all of you) and made the video for the day. We met a super nice Indian family of 8 who was there from Denver. Leo got them to agree to be on camera and after the interview we danced. And when I say we danced, I mean we all looked like we were doing a Harlem Shake video because there was more going on in that clip than the GoPro camera could handle. And yes, that's yet another teaser for the video that we'll post sometime next week that we've been working on. This video and the planning of it has Leo and I laughing on a daily basis and we can't wait to get home to edit that one.

Riding from Durango to Silverton, Colordao.

We rolled into Silverton and stopped at what is billed as the "Worlds Highest Harley Store". I wasn't sure if that meant because we were at a high elevation or because the new pot laws in Colorado had the staff a little mellowed out. Either way it was a cool store and I picked up a t-shirt and we got some lunch.

Beautiful day to ride!

We left Silverton and headed for Ouray, which ended up being our home base for a couple days. The ride between those two towns was incredible. The high arching snow covered mountain ranges and sharp turns with no guardrails and 500 foot drop offs really me focus on riding like I never has before. If you make one single mistake on these roads you don't wreck, you die. So of course we filmed it and made a time lapse video of the journey.

Photo shoot for the new Coors Light campaign. Not really, but Leo thought so.

Stay tuned, there's much more coming this week on "Bling & Leo's Mile High Motorcycle Run" and thank you all for following us along on this journey. You can track us live all day today in real time on

Silverton, Colorado


"Functioning History in Silverton, Colorado.

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