DAY 5 - "The Ride to Telluride" - Bling & Leo's Mile High Motorcycle Run
Posted 5/29/14 by Bling Johnson

What a week so far. You would think after 5 consecutive days of sitting on a motorcycle that my butt would be sore and I would be regretting taking this long of a ride. Nothing could be further from the truth. While we have enjoyed our stops and overnight breaks, both Leo and I can't wait to get on the Harley's every time.

Train museum near Ralph Laurens ranch in Ridgeway, Colorado.

As a kid my parents took my brother and I on quite a few vacations and I remember going to Colorado in the summer a couple times. But taking this trip as on a bike as an adult (in age not maturity) has been awesome! The scenery here is so spectacular that every time you think you've seen the best view ever, you turn  a corner and something even better is right in front of you. I feel like an explorer every day discovering new things, and it's been great.

Video: Bling & Leo's Mile High Motorcycle Run- Day 5 - Telluride

On our fifth day on the road we were set to leave Ouray for a ride over to Telluride. Since we didn't have an off road vehicle we had to take the long way around the mountains. If you have a jeep you can head right over the mountain and be in Telluride pretty quick since it's only 20 miles. The route we took was quite a bit longer, but was it ever worth it. Some of my favorite pictures from the trip were taken on this ride. As you come around a corner you don't just see one snow covered mountain, you see a mountain range that extends for miles.

The workouts are starting to pay off. New Mexico.

While there is still snow capping the mountains, the lower elevation roads we were on were lined with the vibrant colors of a warm Colorado spring. The bright greens of new leaf growth was all around and was an incredible contrast to the white snow covered ranges.

My buddy and celebrity designer Alan Scott hooked me up with some custom leather cuffs for the trip.

The roads to Telluride were long and winding and perfect for a motorcycle. We stopped off at a scenic overlook to do some more filming for the video we've been working on all week. I hate to keep teasing the video, but I think this is something that has the potential to go viral and every time we stop to film something for it Leo and I can't stop laughing. I can't wait to get home and begin the massive editing project that the video will require, but it'll be worth it.

Beautiful day to ride!

We rolled into Telluride and rode through town. We stopped at a local pizza place and grabbed some lunch then went inside a store that sells hand made jewelry and gifts. We started talking to the owner of the store about the area and learned a ton about Telluride in just a few minutes. I knew it was a town with plenty of money, but he said that every single home in Telluride was over $1,000,000. Even the run down looking log shacks we over a million. He also told us that Oprah had just purchased a ton of acreage a couple weeks back and everyone was wondering what she was going to do with it. Telluride was beautiful and well worth the ride, but I knew it was time for me to go somewhere dirtier and grittier where I'd fit in a little better. I think I was scaring all the yuppies.

The ride to Telluride from Ouray.

Stay tuned, there's much more coming this week on "Bling & Leo's Mile High Motorcycle Run" and thank you all for following us along on this journey. You can track us live all day today in real time on

Telluride, Colorado

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